Tinashe Zisengwe

Ailing National Railways of Zimbabwe company, Midlands chapter is reported to have pledged at least $ 46 000 towards independence celebrations scheduled for next week.

This move comes at a time when NRZ workers are languishing in abject poverty after the parastatal has been failing to pay them their salaries on time since last year.

An impeccable source at NRZ Gweru offices sneaked out a document which this publication is in possession of, which the boss identified as Bururu signed authorizing a cash transfer of $ 46 000 towards the independence celebrations.

The source added that the money was demanded by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who is alleged to have been tasked by the President’s office to collect money from all parastatals for independence celebrations.

“We only heard that the minister is the one who called begging for the donation, to our surprise we haven’t received our pay but our boss hurriedly authorized the release of $ 46 000 towards independence celebrations,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Gweru police and Vehicle Inspection Department are reported to be also heavily hunting for money to sponsor the independence celebrations from motorist at various roadblocks.

Efforts to get a comment from NRZ were fruitless as the spokesperson Nyasha Maravanyika’s mobile phone went unanswered.