Leaders of small political parties that are part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s preferred dialogue platform the Political Actors’ Dialogue (POLAD) are meeting at Montclair Hotel, Nyanga today to discuss and take a position on Electoral Reforms.

Mnangagwa set up POLAD soon after winning the highly disputed 2018 presidential elections.

His arch rival MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa, who narrowly lost the polls, refused to join POLAD saying it was a losers’ club aimed at diverting attention from the real problems facing Zimbabwe.

Apparently, political analysts maintain that any dialogue platform in Zimbabwe without Chamisa is like shooting in the dark and will not yield any tangible results.

Mnangagwa stand accused of dragging his feet in implementing political and electoral reforms as he fears losing power.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Mnangagwa’s POLAD friends are making extravagant demands such as diplomatic passports and farms as rewards for their role in the initiative.