Zimbabwe Latest Today: Mnangagwa challenged by Chimene, Mugabe

After enduring ten minutes of unguarded rebuke from Sarah Mahoka, Team Lacoste faction leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa was  in for another baptism of fire from Mandi Chimene.

This happened in Harare where Mugabe was meeting with youths and women following calls by senior war vets for him(Mugabe) to vacate the presidency for his deputy Mnangagwa.

Chimene who leads a smaller pro Mugabe war vets faction blasted Mnangagwa for being the ring leader of war vets who are saying Mugabe Must Go as he is too old to campaign for in the 2018 elections.

Mandi Chimene openly castigated Team Lacoste for trying to unseat Mugabe from power through unconstitutional means as Mnangagwa sat, face like thunder, in a sea of G40 faction supporters.

The Midlands hardman was challenged to take on Mugabe at a special congress if he was man enough.

Mnangagwa is reportedly in a bitter Mugabe succession  power struggle against G40 faction led by Saviour Kasukuwere and First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Presisdent Mugabe appears to be getting annoyed with his deputy’s inaction and has encouraged him to come clean on the succession matter.