It has been reported that he late former President Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace and daughter, Bona have received title deeds for the land on which the Blue Roof Mansion and another property were built.

Last month the Mugabe family embarrassed ZANU PF after snubbing a heroes acre burial opting instead to bury the Late Robert Mugabe in his rural home of Kutama.

The Former President was laid to rest in a private ceremony, comprising of only close family members.

Many speculated that Mnangagwa would exact revenge but recent events have proved otherwise. Speaking to The Daily News Publication, ZANU PF Secretary For Administration Obert Mpofu confirmed the development.

Obert Mpofu, however, said that the dispute between the Mugabes and property owners who wanted part of the Blue Roof back was a private matter.

Said Mpofu:

We have done the process of transferring the properties.

The Mugabes are being persued through Zimbabwe courts by aggrieved parties who where left in the cold when Grace siezed Mazowe farms and Blue Roof property.