Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa says the worst crime any sitting Head of State could commit is to corrupt state institutions.

Chamisa is on record saying President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has corrupted institutions.

And according to him this is a grave crime heavy enough to warrant a treason charge.

“THE WORST CRIME any sitting Head of State can ever commit is to corrupt state institutions and functionaries.

“In a NEW REPUBLIC under a CITIZENS’ GOVERNMENT, we will not pollute and contaminate those who preside over the affairs of the state using trinkets, trappings and other pollutants.

“Public officials shall never allowed to be partisan, sloganeer or parrot political party nonsense in the corridors of government.

“Zimbabwe’s resources and money shall not be abused to buy political survival. It’s time for new leaders,” he says.

Apparently, as if to confirm Chamisa’s sentiments, some civil organizations have petitioned President Mnangagwa over what they call state capture.

The government of Zimbabwe under President Mnangagwa has been accused of using state institutions like courts, police, CIO to persecute perceived political opponents.