Image: Alamy

The power utility, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has come under fire after it ‘bragged’ that today it generated highest power output since 2022.

“Today we have the highest power generation since October 2022 totalling 1506 Megawatts,” said the utility.

According to available data, the generation can be broken down as follows:

Munyati 0MW
Bulawayo 0MW
Harare 0MW
Kariba 900MW
Hwange 606MW

Meanwhile, after the news that the utility has broken record since 2022, a number of netizens blasted ZESA asking why they are in darkness if the utility is telling the truth.

“Arikupi magetsi acho. (Where is the electricity you are talking of) said one netizen only identified as Gondo.

“ZetdcOfficial murikuisepi magetsi or mukuratidzira. (Where are you putting the electricity. Or you are protesting?) Asked another netizen only identified as Zaka Villager.