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Mnangagwa shoots down multi-currency, breathes fire over money speculation

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned economic saboteurs that the long arm of the law will catch up with them while reiterating that Zimbabwe will not revert to the multi-currency system.

He was addressing Zanu PF party supporters at Goromonzi High School where the party’s 18th Annual National Conference is underway.

The President and first secretary of the ruling party, Zanu PF, sternly warned members of his party and citizens in general to desist from money hoarding and sabotage on the Zimbabwean currency.

The conference is running under the theme “mechanise, modernise and grow the economy towards vision 2030″.

“All the wolves clothed in sheeps skin must be flushed out from our system, those who continue to deal in the money market be warned, the long arm of the law will catch up with you and you will be prosecuted,” said President Mnangagwa.

“We will not revert back to a basket of currency, nada, nada, nada we will defend our currency as a symbol of our sovereign, our law enforcers will close in on those hoarding money.

The President commended members of the public for refusing to be used by other parties with hidden agenda’s who bank on sacrificing members of the public to further their self-serving agenda’s.

“In spite of various attempts by our detractors, to derail the course of our reforms and economic recovery, the revolution for the peoples struggle for the people’s sustainable development is well on course, we are going forward,” President Mnangagwa said.

“I want to commend the people of Zimbabwe for rejecting the machinations by those with unbridled political ambitions who are even prepared to use violence, divisions and disunity and violent demonstrations in order to acquire power. We saw them in January and again at various times of the year, sacrificing precious lives to achieve their ends be it through outright violence through violent demonstrations or under the guise of purported joint industrial action.

“That behaviour and culture is alien to us in the second republic and should continue to be rejected by the peace-loving people of our Zimbabwe”.

President Mnangagwa reassured party members that his government is working tirelessly to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe live better lives and that small holder communal farmers would be assisted.

“Under the agriculture modernisation and mechanisation programme, various schemes are underway to ensure increased availability of tractors, planters, harvesters and centre-pivots,” said the President.

“I am aware of the loss of drought power among small holder communal farmers as a result of the death of cattle due to the drought and livestock diseases, our Minister of Agriculture, Perrence Shiri, informs us as government on a weekly basis the number of deaths of livestock as a result of diseases and lack of water.

“DDF will ensure that tillage services are available to our people throughout the country. “

The President also revealed that plans are underway to ensure improved electricity productions and that the Republic of China had assisted with US$1.3 Billion towards electricity generation. He however encouraged all Zimbabweans to increase the use of solar system.

President Mnangagwa also expressed his gratitude to all medical doctors who had returned to their posts to offer their services regardless of having been ‘used’ by other parties with ulterior motives.

“Doctors came to us asking for an increment, the minister of Finance, Professor Ncube offered them a 30 percent increment which they refused, an offer of a 60 percent increment was made and again it was rejected and the process went on and on with further demands and we are glad that doctors have gone back to work and now they are opening up on how they were being used.

“We will however continue to engage with leaders of other parties, we will continue to serve the people and we should not be distracted by those that make noise on twitter.”



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