Controversial Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has been caught lying after he mocked Bustop TV Comedian Gonyeti, real name Samantha Kureya, for reporting that she was abducted and tortured on Wednesday night by unknown masked assailants.

Gonyeti revealed that she was stripped naked and forced to drink sewer water as part of the torture.

According to Mutodi, Gonyeti is acting and the abduction was self-inflicted and stage-managed.

Writing on social media, Mutodi sad:,

Gonyeti Gonyeti did a comedy on police accommodation & it’s apparent she has done another one on abductions. We will not be fooled.

Mutodi was proved wrong by his own information ministry which confirmed that a police report has been filed and that it was going to look into the matter.

The Ministry wrote:

We have confirmed with @PoliceZimbabwe that Marimba Police station received a report of kidnapping & assault from Samantha Kureya.Kureya reported a night visit by 3 masked men,one carrying a firearm.They allegedly assaulted her & dumped her in Mufakose.Investigations are underway