MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has claimed that he is willing to have a dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, but he (Mnangagwa) is now playing hard ball, locking out dialogue envoys from the MDC.

The Daily News quotes Chamisa Saying although Mnangagwa has locked himself inside, the MDC shall continue knocking for the sake of the suffering masses. Chamisa said:

“We have sent letters to him (Mnangagwa); we have sent emissaries; I have sent several people to his offices but they have found the doors locked and iron walled, but we will keep knocking because what moves us is the suffering of the people.”

“Zimbabwe is polarised and people are too angry… my plea and request to Mnangagwa is to come down from his high horse. Pride has never been known to be a progressive disposition — people need to be united (and) not put asunder,” the youthful leader told the paper.

“I have listened to the testimonies of villagers, old women who told me about their bitterness, their hunger and anger with the economy and the politics. The national question has to be addressed”.

“There are ways of dialoguing that are genuine… you don’t invite me to a crowd and say that is dialogue. You don’t invite somebody to your rally,” he fumed.