By Stanley Goreraza| Mashurugwi have expanded their operations to Harare it would seem. This will have the effect of inspiring and motivating other criminals to copy their modus operandi bringing brutal chaos to complicate the lives of already suffering Zimbabweans.

And where is the police, CIO and special military units as this most grave threat to National Security and order grows? Well what can they do? Rumours all over Zimbabwe say Mnangagwa is the biggest buyer of Mashurugwi gold!

Just you imagine had these terrorists had links with the opposition! Army trucks would be all over the streets, armed soldiers would be patrolling everywhere and hundreds if not thousands of suspects would be dead. It would have meant the very end of Chikorokoza.

It’s not like the police, intelligence and military don’t have the capacity to deal with these terrorists in a single day! It’s just that there is no political will at the very top. And it’s not even a matter of will but duty.

They have killed soldiers and policemen. Do you think ordinary helpless and unarmed Zimbabweans stand a chance ? And the stupid Minster in charge pleads with the public not to take the law into their own hands ? What the hell?

Zimbabweans will be forced to arm themselves for theirs and their families protection. And that is when all hell will break loose!

stanley goreraza

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