HARARE: Zimbabwe Dancehall musician Winky D yesterday launched his album Njema and he was wearing a signature red and white jersey (same as the ZPCS’s prison jersey) which left one popular journalist asking if Winky D had gone all in, in painting the picture that Zimbabwe is now a prison due to the economic crisis.

Hopewell Chi’ono posted this picture of Winky D and captioned it:

“The outfit

“That is the uniform worn by prisoners in Zimbabwe.

“A metaphor that citizens are prisoners & the country has become a giant prison! #Njema is slang for handcuffs! The citizens have been handcuffed by tyranny, corruption, LOOTING, mismanagement and clan based nepotism.”

Ijipita, the popular song in the new album has disturbed authorities who made a last minute U-turn after initially announcing that the launch shoud be cancelled.

President Mnangagwa’s government has also instructed state controlled media not to play Wink D’s songs but this stone age approach won’t work in information technology era where there are thousands of avenues to stream music via mobile devices and computers.

Mnangagwa’s regime has been criticised by activist lawyer for double standards. They allow Jah Prayzah to sing politically charged songs that they even use as “coup anthems” but they won’t tolerate anything from the opposite side.

Wrote Fadzayi Mahere:

The regime was very happy when Jah Prayzah’s music was interpreted politically. He wore military fatigues & “Kutonga Kwaro” became the Coup Anthem. “Ijipita” by Winky D is about oppression generally. They hate it because the shoe fits. Art must never be muted.