Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is terrified about the future and now more dangerous than before.

“ED Mnangagwa is absolutely terrified about the future. That makes him very dangerous.

“A common criminal with unrestricted access to the levers of power is more dangerous than a drug lord,” he says.

Meanwhile, Ngarivhume says Mnangagwa has one of the worst human rights violation record.

“Let’s take a look at EDs record 1. Gukurahundi 2. Second Congo war- UN records 3. 2008 runoff election violence 4. Marange Massacres 5. 2018 election massacres 6. 2019 fuel crisis massacres. We can play this game all day,” he adds.

Commenting on the tribunal set up by Mnangagwa to probe Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission spokesperson John Makamure’s graft allegations, Ngarivhume says ED is the archbishop of corruption.

“The 2023 election is @edmnangagwa’s attempt to keep Zimbabwe a playground for the corrupt. ED is the archbishop of corruption. This is a well known fact!!!”