HARARE: Former Zimbabwe strongman, Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace, have been flown by ED Mnangagwa’s government for emergency medicals in Singapore on Sunday 16 September, sources have revealed.

Mr Mugabe is reported to be “deteriorating and very unwell.”

Rumours have been circulating suggesting that he died in his sleep last Monday but this has been dismissed as untrue by family members and government informers.

The couple and their aides left on a plane chartered by the Zimbabwe government in the early hours of Sunday – just days after a decision to hire a Gulfstream private jet to bring Grace home for her mother’s funeral sparked national outrage.

The Gulfstream jet was reportedly hired for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The government went on to pick the bill for the burial of Idah Murufu, Grace’s mother who died aged 83.

Mnanggwa is likely to come under fire for caring for the rich and privileged while poor people are dying daily due to a rotten and broken medical infrastructure which collapsed during Mugabe’s disastrous reign.