By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

In an incident that has been troubling the student community, a jilted Midlands State University(MSU)student crafted a fake message that alleged that a Human Resources female student had turned into a chicken after having an affair with a married man.

Investigations by this reporter revealed that a level 2:2 Student named Makomborero Chingava popularly known as “Socks” crafted a fake message as a way to shame his girlfriend Mutwarara also a level 2 student at MSU who had left him for a money splashing Sugar Daddy.

The hoax read “MSU female student doing Human Resource Management has been changed into a chicken after sleeping with a married man.. according to the available source her name is Elizabeth Mutwarara level not yet known advice to parents please give food to your children the world is no longer safe for our kids.

In an interview Elizabeth Mutwarara, dismissed the hoax and cautioned her ex-boyfriend from tarnishing her image.

“I never turned into a chicken, it’s my ex-boyfriend Socks who crafted that message as a way to fix me since i had left him for a more caring boyfriend.

“If he continues to draft such messages I will certainly sue him, fumed,” Mtwarara.

In an interview, Elizabeth Mutwarara dismissed the hoax and cautioned her ex-boyfriend from tarnishing her image.

Chingava refused to comment on the issue saying anyone can draft such a message on Whatsapp.

As a counter to the hoax,  Midlands State University Student Representative Council information officer Mr Brightman Marozwa issued out a statement dismissing the “girl turned into a chicken” story.

“The SRC would like to inform you that the message circulating on social media platforms that there is a girl from Midlands State University who changed to a chicken is a hoax and I’m therefore dismissing those false allegations. I would like to urge those who are crafting those false messages to stay away from circulating malicious statements that are meant to put the image of the institution at disrepute,” read the statement