President Emmerson Mnangagwa has given Minister of Energy an ultimatum to ensure that Zimbabwe generates sufficient electricity to the extent of exporting it to other countries.

“Minister of Energy, I want this country, after 2 years, maximum 3 years, to have all the energy we want,” he said.

He added that the ongoing expansion at Hwange Power Station and solar power plants will certainly see the country becoming energy secure and self-sufficient and becoming an exporter of power.

He has also implored public office bearers to lead by example, saying no one ever commemorated for stealing.

Speaking while commissioning ZESA transformers in Harare today, Mnangagwa said he has asked the Ministry of Science and Technology to invent equipment to make sure those who want to vandalise them are found on the spot.

“The loss and cost of transformers and other related infrastructure is counter-productive,” said the President.

He implored the power utility to follow up on all those who owe it money and recover it.

“I understand this entity, ZESA is owed more than a billion dollars.

“From today, Minister Zhemu and Deputy Minister, Engineer Gloria Magombo, chairman, no one must go to sleep before you find a solution to the billion dollars you are owed.”