Under-fire Zanu PF commissar Mr Saviour Kasukuwere is under investigation over illegal trade in ivory with Chinese based elephant dealers, it has been revealed.

Zimbabwe’s Government minister is reportedly under probe for his role in the clandestine sale of over 85 tonnes of ivory to China.

Sources in Harare have indicated that Vice President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is leading the investigation with the blessings of President Mugabe.

Detectives have also been roped in to help Mnangagwa gather right information to expose Kasukuwere’s dealings.

Different sources reported that Mnangagwa has been in the trail of known high ranking criminals who poisoned elephants at Hwange National Park last year.

The Vice President then informed Mugabe of the possible involvement of his Ministers in the cyanide poisoning of elephants in 2015 and the subsequent shipping of tusks to China

Mnangagwa had an intense closed door meeting last week with Mugabe that we covered on zwnews.com recently.

Meanwhile, Kasukuwere has claimed that further exposés about Zanu PF corruption as seen recently in the case of Professor Jonathan Moyo was seriously damaging the ruling party.