Malawi President’s health questioned, Now left handed

The President of Malawi, Peter Mutharika who was rumoured to be dead few days ago has finally returned home today aboard a chattered flight from the Gulf.

Mutharika travelled to the US summit a month ago then vanished without notice leading to reports that he was dead as there was no official statement about his welfare or whereabouts.

The state then announced that he will be in the country today, 16 October, 2016.

Hundreds of his supporters were left with a number of soul searching questions when Mutharika emerged from the plane at 4PM.

The right handed leader did something very unusual!

He used his left hand to  support himself on the plane ladder.

Mutharika also used the same left hand to wave at his supporters.

When he got on the ground he greeted his officials with his left hand.

Many commentators suspect that he might have suffered a stroke or even something a lot worse.

The visibly ill President did not  say a word to reporters or supporters who wanted to hear his voice after a month of uncertainty.