President Mnangagwa has announced an increase in the salaries for Zimbabwe war veterans during a meeting in Harare today.

He will also make sure their children get their school fees and allowances paid in time, the opposite of what his government has been doing for Zimbabwean government scholarship students(mostly orphans)  studying in unforgiving and hostile places like Russia and Algeria  where they are living as destitutes without getting any allowances for up to 12 months.

Responding to issues of war veterans’ welfare, Mnangagwa announced that government has made a decision to increase their allowances and pensions and to ensure timely disbursements of school fees for their children.

The President said government will continue to support the former freedom fighters to improve their economic well being.

Critics have accused Mnangagwa of abusing state resources to regain power after losing control of government and Zanu PF to military commanders.