Photo: Pachopisa

A nasty fight has which erupted between Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa and former ZANU-PF senior official Killer Zivhu many years ago has been rekindled.

Mliswa and Zivhu have for years been fighting a social media war. Zivhu was not happy that Mliswa labelled him “a thief and a corrupt individual” on Twitter.

In 2020, Mliswa renewed his fight with Zivhu over his new house which he had been flaunting on social media at that time.

Mliswa who since his election as Norton legislator has fought to represent residents of Galloway suburb who bought stands from Zivhu’s company said the new house was something those aggrieved residents could attach should they win their battle against the former Chivi MP.

At some point, Zivhu, a Zanu PF Chivi South legislator then, gave the Norton legislator a one-week ultimatum to apologize or face a lawsuit.

Fast forward to 2021, it seems the war is far from being over, as it has been rekindled few days ago.

In a Twitter thread, Zivhu recently posted:

Nhasi ndangoita light meal ndapedza nguva ndichipindura Svibhuru sveku Norton Temba Mliswa svanga svarasikira kuma stands angu ku Galloway.

Loosely translated: “Today I will have a light meal, after I spent time roasting the bull of Norton (Temba Mliswa) which has strayed into my farm in Galloway.” The statement was accompanied by a picture of Zivhu holding a box of chips and roasted chicken.

He continued:

Temba Mliswa it’s now more than 11 years uchingorwa neni mu Norton uchinditaza, uchiri Bhuru re Norton here kana wangova chimhuru chongoita noise mudanga. (Mliswa you have more than 11 years fighting with me without winning the fight. Are you still a Bull of Norton or you are now a calf?)

“Temba Mliswa you claim to be educated iro degree rekujima ndiro raungavhaira naro kuzoti ma professors vodii.”

Zivhu also said: Kutukwa nomunhu wangomwa mvura chete zuva rose, apa uchirova good food zvinosvota hazvo. (It is boring to be mocked by someone who had water for a day’s meal while you have a good meal.)

However, Mliswa responded that the real boring part is that Zivhu is feasting on Galloway residents’ money which he duped them. Mliswa said the residents are very unhappy with Zivhu urging him to upgrade his level of education, so that he could understand things better.

(Chinosvota ndechekuti uri kudya mari dzevanhu. Now wakungopenga uri kuTokwe Mukosi come & develop Galloway where you dumped & duped residents of their money. Varikuchema newe. Panguva ino yaunenge usina zvekuita wedzera chikoro, even O’Level, kupenga kunoita kushoma.)

Tawanda Sibanda a Norton resident chipped in on Mliswa’s corner and told Zivhu to: “Go and put proper tarred roads in Galloway as per agreement you have with us Galloway house owners.

“We even paid endowment fees to Norton town council which were supposed to be paid by you the land developer in order for us to get our house plans approved.”

As to when this war is going to end; nobody knows, only time will tell.