The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is holding a Senior Management and Ambassadors Retreat and Strategic Planning Review Workshop in Bulawayo.

The holding of this Retreat in Bulawayo is in the spirit of Devolution. All Zimbabwe’s Ambassadors posted across the world are in attendance.

The Retreat themed: Retooling Zimbabwe’s Diplomacy for accelerated economic transformation: Through Re-Affirmation, Engagement and Re-Engagement involve Zimbabwe’s Ambassadors abroad, the Ministry’s Senior Management and Stakeholders from other Government Ministries, Departments.

Apparently, Zimbabwe under President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is running a re-engagement drive.

However, critics say the engagement efforts are a shoot in the dark as long as the country’s human rights record is tainted.

President Mnangagwa stands accused of violating human rights worse than his predecessor, late former President Robert Mugabe.

At some point, Mnangagwa had to engage the services of American companies to help boost the country’s image, but to no avail.