Retired army general Engelbert Rugeje says the ruling party ZANU PF and the military is inseparable.

Posting on his X account, Rugeje said:

“We fought the war primarily for the attainment of Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and to date, we’re here to safeguard those.

“No one will have the capacity to seperate ZANU PF from the army because we fought under the same banner(ZANU-PF), no monkey tricks will challenge that.

Rugeje once held ZANU-PF national political commissar post from December 2017 until his dismissal from the position soon after the 2018 general elections.

During his time in the military, he was the Chief of Staff of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) until 2007.

In December 2017 he was promoted from major general to lieutenant general and upon retirement he was admitted into ZANU-PF.

Rugeje was a prominent figure in the 2007 Zimbabwean coup d’état attempt.