Renowned social media influencer Shadaya Knight says men should never use an alarm to wake them up, adds that instead their purpose, passion or problems should wake them up.

“As a man, using an alarm to wake you up is about as gay as it gets.

“Your purpose, passion or problems should wake you up.

He adds that men should always provide for their women no matter what.

He writes; Ask yourself this:

If it was women’s place to demand virginity from men do you think they would lower their standards, the way men are doing?

Simce time immemorial, women have always demanded that a man should be able to PROVIDE & PROTECT no matter the circumstances.

• in ancient times despite men facing vicious animals with primitive tools they had to bring something home.

• in times of war they expect men to step up and risk their lives to defend them.

• in times of disasters they expect men to save them.

This is how women have always been for thousands of years and will continue to do so, judging men by their ability to protect and provide.

Now which is easier to keep your legs closed or to make money?

So why is it considered misogyny for a man to demand virginity but standards for a woman to demand financial stability?

You see how modern men are losers in today’s relationships, they’re still expected to hold their side of the bargain (provision & protection) for women with used up p_ssies.

Modern men keep lowering their standards whilst modern women keep raising theirs.

Hoeflation is the best word to describe the madness.