The media has been urged to be balanced and not to take sides as the country heads for the much anticipated polls set for 2023.

Programs Manager for the Election Resource Center Solomon Bobosibunu, says the private and state media take sides when covering elections and it is a problem as we herd towards the 2023 elections.

Speaking in an interview with Lynette Manzini on OpenParlyZw, Bobosibunu said it is not healthy for media to take sides, but should stand between the line and report objectively.

Meanwhile, there isn’t private media in Zimbabwe anymore, according to analysts.

The ruling party through people linked to it has taken over the country’s biggest media houses, like Daily News, The Standard, Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe Independent and Newsday.

Judging from Bobosibunu’s sentiments, it means the ruling party will have a field day in terms of coverage.