Latest News On Movement for Democratic Change Mega Demonstration against Zanu PF government and corruption.

Today the High Court of Zimbabwe has given the opposition MDC green light do a massive political protest march in the streets of Harare.

The demonstration is expected to be among one of the biggest ever done by opposition forces against Mugabe’s government.

Members of the other smaller MDC formations and the newly formed Zimbabwe People First are also expected to join  and support the demonstrations.

Last week we announced the demo in the brief report below: 

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change is promising mass street demonstrations in Harare on April 14th to protest against deteriorating economic  situation.

According to various sources at the party, this will be a MEGA peaceful demo never seen before.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu said he expected thousands to attend the march.

“All the logistics are in place and the good thing is that the Constitution affords us the right to demonstrate. It will be a very peaceful mass action and we have dubbed it the mother of all demonstrations.

“As you know, as MDC we don’t force anyone to participate in our activities, but all indications are that tens of thousands of patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans will turn up for the demonstration,” Gutu said.

Among the issues raised for the march is the 2,2 million jobs that were promised by Zanu PF in 2013 and the $15 billion that was stolen from Chiadzwa diamond mining operations.