Shakespeare Muzavazi

The Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change(MDC-T) has promised to restore the issuance of grants to all tertiary education students.

In a press statement issued by the MDC-T Youth Assembly National Spokesperson Mr Brian Dube, the MDC has promised to establish a smooth tertiary education support system for all deserving tertiary students as well as adequately fund universities and colleges to meet the standards of quality education.

This comes when Zimbabwean students have come out guns blazing at the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo over his handling of student welfare.

According to Dube other changes that will take precedence if the MDC takes charge of the Zimbabwean government in 2018 read as follows;

1) Jobs-The MDC-T will revive the economy and create jobs for the people. The MDC-T will reduce unemployment.

2) Upliftiment-The MDC-T will uplift the standards of living for the people of Zimbabwe by equitable distribution of national resources for the benefit of everyone. The MDC-T will eradicate extreme poverty in our society and in marginalised areas.

3) Investment-The MDC-T will engage investors from all over the world for all sectors of the economy. There will be industrialisation and manufacturing in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe will once again become a bread basket.

4) Service Delivery-The MDC-T will prioritise improvement of services by directing resources towards hospitals, schools, shelter and water, public roads and infrastructure, and clean environment.

5) Welfare System-The MDC-T will introduce a transparent and adequate public welfare system for the elderly, people with disabilities, orphan, and other disadvantaged groups.

6) Eradicate Corruption-The MDC-T will work towards a eradicating nepotism and corruption and will establish a professional and active anti-corruption mechanism to deal with looting of public resources for private individual gain.

7) Justice-The MDC-T will work towards establishing a just society where everyone is treated just and fairly both in public and private sector. There will be equal opportunities for everyone to flourish.

8) Rule of Law-The MDC-T will establish the rule of law in Zimbabwe where every system functions in terms of the law and respect of the constitution. No one will be allowed to operate outside the law including the President, senior government officials, army, police, CIO and everyone.

S Muzavazi