Today the High Court will rule if the Movement for Democratic Change will hold its congress scheduled for 24-26 May or not.

This comes after an MDC member Elias Mashavira of Gokwe challenged Party Leader Nelson Chamisa’s legitimacy and his power to call for an electoral congress.

In his argument, Mashavira posits that Chamisa must call an extraordinary congress to elect a new leader first and it is that leader who can call an ordinary congress.

Chamisa who has already been nominated for party leader has brushed away the court challenge.

Quoted in the Newsday Chamisa said his party had “budgeted for machinations by merchants of darkens, by apostles of retrogression and retrogressive acerbic negative politics”.

“We have in-built resilience to deal with such chaos, such false kites that are thrown in order to shift us from the focus,’ he told Newsday last month.

“We are focusing on the ball, our task is to play the ball and not the man, and that’s the tragedy of certain politicians; they mark the man, instead of marking the ball and that somebody wants to go to court is their right, but we have a resolution in the party, that if you have grievances, if you are a party member, peruse and exhaust domestic remedies because we have them in abundance.”

A victory by Mashavira, whose argument is shared by another group called the Defending the Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy, would derail the congress which is just over two weeks away.

-the Insider