A former councilor with the ruling Zanu PF in Mberengwa district has been accused of duping villagers from the Gwengwena area of over US$730 that was meant for the procurement of cement for the construction of a new secondary school in the area.

Reports say Gwengwena villagers are now up in arms with Kufakunesu Muzeziwa, a former councilor for Ward 35, who reportedly fleeced them of US$737 which was set aside for buying cement that was supposed to be used in the construction of Gwengwena Secondary School- a new learning institution expected to bring to a halt the agonies of the arduous long distances travelled by their children to access secondary education.

The regional Masvingo Mirror reported that parents from the village applied to build Gwengwena Secondary School because their children are walking 15km to the nearest school.

According to Felix Mavurama, the School Development Committee (SDC) Chairperson for Gwengwena Secondary, the former councilor was given US$737 in 2015 when he was still in office and since then, it appears as if their money has disappeared into thin air.

Kufakunesu is currently eyeing the position of Zanu PF Mberengwa DCC Chairperson.

When contacted in connection with the matter, the former Councilor did not dispute that he was handed over the money, saying ‘$700 is nothing’.

“I did not beg them to put their money into my ecocash account. We agreed when I was the councilor that the community should do contributions towards buying material to build the school and the money was sent to my ecocash account. Now what can you buy with $700 ecocash they are crying for? I did not dupe them of their money, I will give them and I told them if they want cement I can even buy it for them,” Muzezewa charged in an interview with The Mirror.

While lauding local businessman Justice Zvandasara for donating 150 bags of cement for the cause of the new Gwengwena Secondary School, the villagers also raised concern over their MP, Tafanana Zhou who they said was not doing enough to support them in the construction of the new school.

Munashe Shumba, the Gwengwena SDC secretary said that Mberengwa Rural District Council promised 60 bags but they have so far just received 20 bags.

“The SDC is looking for well-wishers who can donate towards the construction of the school. We are looking for cement, window frames, doors, roofing material such as rafters, asbestos or iron sheets.

“Parents have since moulded 100 000 bricks, finished the construction of a water tank, dug ten toilet pits and construction of the toilets is just about to begin,” he said.

additional reporting: Zwnews


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