A HARARE man, who allegedly kidnapped a Mbare boy, has appeared before the court.

Richard Padzarondora, who was on Monday remanded while in hospital bed, allegedly lured Nyasha Jayaguru into his car on June 29.

The boy, who is still missing, allegedly left home going to Mbare High School to verify his 2021 Ordinary Level registration, before Padzarondora phoned and asked to meet with him at the National Social Security Authority building in the central business district.

The State said that after the conversation, the boy’s phone was switched off.

Prosecutors further alleged that there was proof of communication showing Padzarondora had lured the boy to meet him in town.

It further stated that there was also a witness who introduced the boy to Padzarondora, adding that the suspect was the last person to be seen with him.

After failing to locate the boy, his parents reported the matter at Mbare Police Station, leading to Pandarondora’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old Ruwa man, who was arrested for kidnapping after he was found with blood-stained clothes of a missing person he had assaulted together with two other men, is now facing murder charges.

Wallen Mupunga and his alleged accomplices, still at large, reportedly assaulted Tinotenda Mandiyanike accusing him of stealing from one of them before taking him to an unknown place and he has not been seen until today.

Mupunga was reportedly identified by the victim’s sister as one of the people who was last seen with Mandiyanike, resulting in his arrest.

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