Former President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has told First lady Auxillia Mnangagwa that civil servants do not report to her and it was unacceptable that she moves around demanding to see government documents.

Yesterday Auxillia appeared on ZBC-TV demanding answers from Natpharm workers over the supply of medical drugs to public health centres.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, Mawarire said it was unacceptable that Auxillia who is not a government official was going to parastatals asking for official documents.

“Zimboz, tell me which legal instrument empowers First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa to investigate NatFam drug dispensary. She isn’t a govt official yet she goes to parastatals asking for official documents. That’s totally unacceptable, Civil servants don’t report to a First Lady,” said Mawarire.