There was free drama at a white wedding event recently held in Bulawayo when  a woman who has been living in South Africa for two years returned home only to find her husband exchanging vows with another woman.

She was a minute too late as she only managed to storm the wedding event just after the two had already tied the knot and signed legal papers.

The woman stormed the event claiming the groom was also her husband and  claimed that the two had been staying together for 17 years.

Nhora Konyane (47), together with her younger sisters got a tip-off, that Pearson Moyo (48), Konyane’s alleged husband, was getting married to another woman, Silibaziso Sibanda.

They then went to Cowdray Park suburb where they thought the wedding was taking place.

However, they arrived a little too late as Moyo had already tied the knot at the Civil Court. Upon arrival the trio made their intentions known to the family members who were patiently waiting for the happy couple to arrive. Konyane warned the catering team to cook fast because a big showdown was about to happen.

Konyane went to sit at the bridal table and gave a speech to the crowd questioning why her husband was marrying another woman while she was still alive.

When the newly-weds also got a tip-off about the fire waiting for them at home; they quickly turned their convoy and headed to the police station.

Konyane and her siblings were arrested. They were then detained for more than three hours.

A close source revealed that Moyo’s relatives tried to bribe Konyane with money for her to stop the commotion she was causing. They promised to pay in US dollars for her to leave.

B-Metro caught up with Konyane who confirmed the incident saying she had no idea that her husband was getting married to another woman while she was still there.

“I was shocked to hear that my husband was getting married to another woman. I couldn’t understand why he could betray me like this. We have been married for 17 years and lived together in Old Pumula suburb,” said Konyane.

“If it wasn’t for the tip-off I wouldn’t have known this whole shenanigan, I am very disappointed and seek justice to this whole situation,” she added.

Konyane had been living in South Africa for two years while her husband Moyo was in the country. She, however, claims her husband came to fetch her when she got sick and brought her back.

The alleged husband snatcher Sibanda told the reporter that Konyane was a liar who uses people and destroys them and that she had been separated with Moyo for more than two years.

“She is a liar, she had been separated with Moyo for more two years now. She mistreated him and treated him like a dog. I took care of him and gave him love which she had failed to do for years,” said Sibanda.

“She uses people and leaves them broken, she left Moyo to go and stay with other men. She should go back to the men she left Moyo for,” she added.

According to Sibanda, Konyane chased Moyo out of their home years ago.

“She chased him out of their home, she took everything from him and left him with nothing, she also abused Moyo on a daily basis. I have had enough of her behaviour. I will soon file for a peace order against her, maybe she will stay away from my family,” said Sibanda.

B-Metro caught up with Moyo who said he broke up with Konyane in 2016 after she chased him out of the house and took everything from him.

“She caused chaos for nothing, we broke up in 2016 after she chased me out of the house, she then went to South Africa leaving me without a home. I stayed in four different places before I settled in Nkulumane suburb,” said Moyo.

“She lied about everything. I am not her husband. I am happily married to Sibanda who is a loving and caring wife who has never mistreated me. I am glad I married her. Konyane is disturbing my peace, I wish she could stay away from me and my wife,” he said.