Image: BustopTV

Nurses at the Roman Catholic Church-run Mater-Dei Hospital in Bulawayo are reported to be on strike after they received an annual bonus of US$10.

CITE’s Senzeni Ncube reported sources as saying some nurses are not coming to work while those who report for duty are not working.

Said the source: “The situation is dire at Mater Dei due to meagre salaries, registered general nurses got US$10 on top of bond salaries which is ZWL$83 000.

“Some nurses are not reporting for duty while those who are reporting are staging seat-in demonstrations.”

A general worker or nurse aide earns more than nurses because they are related to the administration.

The nurses appealed to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to intervene and also to Zimbabweans to boycott the private hospital.

“We are appealing for the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to conduct an immediate audit and encourage all lovely Zimbabweans to shun getting treatment at Mater Dei as it is a center of traumatizing employees.

“How can one get treated at a hospital where staff is demoralised?” Asked one nurse.

The nurses say meals are hectic, cabbage and chunks on a daily basis, and boiled stuff which even a pig cannot consume.

“Even though the food is highly subsidized, it’s not a proper meal,” said the nurse.

Contacted for a comment, the Mater Dei administrator, Sister Maureen Jameson told CITE that they don’t discuss internal affairs, such as salaries, with outsiders.