Video..Manyuchi beaten in Singapore, loses WBC silver title

Zimbabwean boxer Charles Manyuchi today (Saturday) surrendered his WBC Silver Welterweight title after losing to Qudratillo Abduqaxarov of Uzbekistan.

Manyuchi’s defeat came via a knockout in the first round, marking the end of his status as the WBC Silver Welterweight title holder.

Looking at the video(see below), it appears the Zimbabwe boxing star might have taken his younger opponent for granted.

Seconds before disaster, Manyuchi is seen dancing around ring making demeaning gestures that might have brought the best out of the determined 23-year-old fighter.

The skilled Uzbekistan boxer paid him in kind and inflicted two quick knockout blows that sent Manyuchi to the floor on two occasions before the referee ended the match in the first round.


Earlier Zimnews predicted the tricky encounter ahead of time…see below

Profiles, match odds, starting time, where to watch live updates

Singapore: Zimbabwe boxing superstar Charles Manyuchi  is fighting today(Saturday 25 March) against Qudratillo Xabibullo Ogli  Abduqxarov of Uzbekistan in Singapore.

4th ranked Manyuchi is defending his WBC silver welterweight belt title that he won against Dimitry Mikhaylenko of Russia on 6th of May in 2016.

They are in the 66.7kg  weight division.

Match odds

Te match odds are in favour of the 27-year-old Zimbabwean who comes into this contest with 20 wins, 2 loses and 1 draw.

On the other hand, slightly less experienced Qudratillo Abduqxarov,23,  has only 10 matches in his career.

He won them all.

While Manyuchi is the bookies favorite on paper, he must be at his best to overcome the young fighter who comes from a nation that took the highest number of boxing medals at Rio 2016 Olympics.

Hailing from Uzbekistan and based in Malaysia, Xabibullo has been described as a highly technical and exceptional boxer who performs way above opponents of his age and experience.

What time is the boxing match

This is the biggest event of the tournament that has about 6 under cards preceding the main fight.

According to organisers, the fighters will get on the ring at 10 PM Singapore time(+8GMT), about 4 PM Zimbabwe time.

Where to watch on TV

There are a number of online based tv stations that may show the fight. It could also be screened live on Zimbabwe Television, if they secure TV rights.

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