Community Reporter

Communities in Hwange are said to be living under hazardous conditions due to coal mining.

The Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG) says coal mining in the area is doing more harm to the community and the environment.

The quality of air in Hwange town is questionable due to high presence of coal and carbon dust covering streets, engulfing the town and hardening lungs thereby causing breathing difficulties in villagers who need to take pills or drink cold milk to ease their respiratory challenges.

Dust from mining activities reduces air quality in the area, resulting in an impact on vegetative life and posing health and hazards to mine workers and residents.

“The situation in Hwange clearly shows that there is need for less destructive mining activities and search for alternatives ways of coal extraction,”

“The Hwange situation is evidence enough to show that mining creates a few hundred jobs whilst destroying livelihoods for thousands of families,” says the Report on the situation in the Coal Mining of Hwange.