Picture this:

This is football!

Yes, football, the most beautiful game as your typical Pele- that Brazilian dribbling wizard widely revered as the game’s all-time great- could have coined it, at one stage of that glittering, illustrious career litered with countless footballing accolades.

But, gosh!!

As much as this is football, beautiful as it is questionably branded by Pele, the game has its ugly side in poor officiating, match fixing, etcetera.

And it is the team that scores goals- no matter how bad it plays- that earns the crucial three points in each game won.

definition of an icon… Brazilian soccer legend, Pele

But, football it is and football it remains.

Yet if, and only if, football was politics and not football, coach Nelson Chamisa and his star-studded MDC Alliance side could be celebrating a rare victory over a bogey MDC-T side under the tutelage of female gaffer Thokozani Khupe.

And the victory (or is it a first-half lead) by Chamisa’s oft-defeated outfit is at a stadium located within the thickets of Matabeleland North province, southern Zimbabwe.

Khupe, who has been posting debatably controversial victories against Chamisa’s MDC Alliance (had politics been some game of football), at various stadia across the country failed to get her cards right this time around.

And politics it is, Chamisa gets best result from the same, old referee!!

This follows the Supreme Court decision to halt the recalling of Mat’ South Senator Phyllis Ndlovu (MDC Alliance) by Khupe’s MDC-T in the wake of an appeal by the latter.

unconquerable… Sen Phyllis Ndlovu

The Supreme Court decision comes after High Court judge Justice Joseph Martin Mafusire recently barred the MDC-T from continuing with the recalls of MDC Alliance legislators, pending determination of their application.

So, in the meantime the Chamisa camp can postpone celebrating the verdict, which could be an early halftime lead in football terms, with the winner set to be determined by the same old ‘referee’ in the mould of the august Supreme Court.

Chamisa continues to claim the country’s courts are a captured lot! But he seems to be wanting to play and exhibit his club’s tiki-taka- that fascinating display that never wins a game- in matches officiated by the same, old referee.

In terms of cumulative points attained thus far, Khupe has the bragging rights after her camp did not only evict Chamisa and Co from what could have been their clubhouse, the MDC-T has successfully dismissed four councillors and a total of 21 legislators since the SC- that same old ‘referee’- ruled Chamisa’s ascendancy as illegitimate, or scored in an offside position, football-wise.

The Harvest House loss is not only injurious to the very survival of the MDC Alliance, it is, indeed, testimony to the brutal fact that politics is not just a social science, but purely, another game of football!!