By MDC-T—An MDC-T Presidential Task Team, travelled to Luveve District in Bulawayo, on Friday June 4, 2020, to hear from the Luveve, residents first-hand about the deadly health crisis which has cost the lives of so many.

The team was led by a Standing Committee member Khaliphani Phugeni, an official from the Local Government Secretary Hon. Chiwondegwa and Bulawayo Provincial Secretary Hon N. Mguni.

The residents spoke at length about their fear in using the Bulawayo City Council water which they believe has cost the lives of so many of their children and neighbours.

The City Council on other hand dissents that it is its water delivery system responsible for the deadly outbreak as the City’s internal testing and that of NUST and other private players have shown that the water from the tap is clean and good for human consumption, therefore they should be another reason for this deadly outbreak.

Having received the preliminary report from the MDC-T’s Presidential task team, Dr Khupe has ordered the City through its Mayor and his team to immediately, deploy all necessary interventions to arrest the deadly outbreak in that District.

The Mayor has to report to the Presidential task team every other day until the situation has been successfully arrested, as to the City’s intervention, the outcome hoped for and the results thereof.

To the residents of Luveve, your situation is untenable, your anger and fears are not only reasonable but are well understood by the MDC-T President, Dr Khupe.

Over fourteen lives and still counting lost so far, these are hopes and dreams needlessly extinguished by this mysterious outbreak. This situation in Luveve is exacerbated by the COVID 19, pandemic however our humanity must shine through and the residents have inalienable right to expect their government to provide solutions to such deadly outbreaks and this case is no exception.

To that end, the President makes a commitment that she will leave no stone unturned until you (Luveve Residents) can safely drink and cook with clean water from your taps. The Mayor and his team will be visiting the families of the bereaved and those admitted or even discharged from the hospital over this outbreak starting from, Monday 6 July, 2020.