A man from Gutu who is living with disability is appealing for assistance from well-wishers to pay up lobola for his wife.
Amos Majote (30) recently received sponsorship from his church to go and train as a pastor in the UK. However, he can only access this sponsorship on condition that he pays up lobola for his wife and weds in church.
Majote is a handicapped with Cerebral Palsy. He is also member of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Church. The lobola is for his wife Muchaneta Nakabawo (35).
He is supposed to pay US$250 for her. He has only managed to raise US$80.
Majote stays in Chatsworth with his mother and he is a vendor. His mother is unemployed.
“The Church has said that it cannot help me with lobola and leaving that task to me is to allow me to show my commitment. This is an opportunity that I will never get again if it slips through my fingers,” said Majote.
Those who wish to assist Majote can contact him on +263 771 228 288.