The dust is settling at Tottenham Hotspur after the sacking of manager Jose Mourinho and his entire coaching staff. Not that the sacking was unexpected, Mourinho’s demeanor, his comments about players and the team’s performance all pointed to one thing coming. The sack.

Spurs are the third Premier League side to sack the manager; he’s twice been fired by Chelsea, then Manchester United. As his chapter closes, former Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason has been tasked to take charge until end of the season. Whether or not Mason will take up the job permanently is unknown for now, but a lot of speculation is not so inclined on his full-time confirmation.

One factor that will define Mason’s future at Spurs is his performance in the remaining matches. The key game in the near future is the Carabao Cup final, where Spurs are set to face Manchester City. In light of the changes, City’s status as favorites in the game is sure to rise with a number of bookmakers carrying this game scheduled for Sunday 25th April.

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Even before Mourinho met his sack, the predictions were in, both regarding his dismissal and who would be the likeliest replacement. Hours after his departure, German Julian Nagelsmann has emerged as the favorite to take over at the North London club.

He leads a race that also has Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers, and Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo. So, why Nagelsmann.

First a brief trackback. Mourinho is a two-time Champions League winner, and three-time Premier League winner. By the time, he won the first Champions League title – 2004 – Nagelsmann was a small boy, and in there is the trick to why the German is the best fit for the job – new ideas.

At his prime, Mourinho would openly challenge a player as a way of pushing him to perform on the pitch. However, that’s what soiled his reign at Manchester United and is among the reasons that have been listed for his sack at Spurs. His mode of motivation has been termed old-school and outdated and in this era of player revolt, it wasn’t going to work at Spurs.

Nagelsmann hasn’t won any major title; his only proximity to silverware was guiding Hoffenheim U19 to the Bundesliga youth cup in 2013-14. However, over just a few years, after moving to Leipzig, he has made the team a regular in the Champions League and strong contender for the Bundesliga title year in, year out.

Ability to handle with players roughly his age or slightly younger and being able to communicate with them at their level is what differentiates him from Mourinho. He is only 33, and among his qualities, he is described as charismatic, inspirational and emotionally mature despite his inexperience. He may just be the perfect fit for Spurs, as he can connect with world class players, like we’ve seen at Leipzig.

He is also very versatile. The man who transformed and fitted into the Hoffenheim philosophy and guided the team from a relegation struggler to a regular in Bundesliga, went on to put down his own marker to see Leipzig take up Borussia Dortmund’s place as Bayern Munich’s main challenger every season. With a number of top class players at Tottenham, he can as well create another force at the North London side.