The Epworth man, Masimba Craig Maganira, who forced his way past security to try and disrupt President Mnangagwa who was delivering a keynote speech to the residents, was arrested on disorderly conduct charges, with a second charge of unlawful possession of dangerous drugs being added after mbanje was found in his pockets.

Maganira, of Epworth, was remanded in custody to May 7 after he requested a Tswana interpreter, insisting that is the only language he speaks – despite signing a warned and cautioned statement in English.

Mnangagwa was in the middle of his speech in Epworth where he dolled out title deeds to locals when Maganira was seen walking briskly towards the stage.

One of Mnangagwa’s security aides approached him and dragged him away from the VIP tent to a secluded area. The incident was recorded on mobile phone video.

An outline of the charges presented by prosecutors said: “Whilst the president was addressing the gathering, Maganira forced his way past the security detail and headed towards the podium where the president was standing.

“He was then intercepted by security personnel and became riotous leading to his arrest.”

The court papers do not disclose why Maganira tried to approach Mnangagwa.

On top of the disorderly conduct charge, prosecutors have also charged him with illegal possession of a dangerous drug after 0,06 grams of cannabis were found in one of his pockets.