Whoever claimed that the coronavirus pandemic closed the chapter on the reign of terror caused by notorious machete-wielding assailants infamously known as MaShurugwi must certainly make a rethink, for the bloodthirsty gangsters are on the prowl in Matabeleland North province.
The revelations came to the surface after illegal gold panner allegedly teamed up with three other accomplices to raid a gold mine in Inyathi where they attacked a security guard before disarming him of his service pistol.
They later used the pistol which they robbed at Camstick Mine near Famona Business Centre, to rob local shops.
When they waged the attack, Leeroy Ncube (24) of Mahatshula suburb and his three other accomplices who are still at large were allegedly armed with traditional weaponry which included knives and stones.
Upon arrival, they allegedly struck Mr Nqobizitha Dube who was manning the premises with stones and he fell to the ground. The quartet is said to have rushed to the scene and allegedly grabbed him by the neck as he lay on the ground.
They reportedly stabbed him on the leg with a knife before disarming him of a Taurus revolver which was loaded with five rounds of ammunition.
Through his lawyers, Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers, the accused approached the High Court seeking bail. Ncube denies the allegations saying there was no evidence linking him to the offence.
“I was with my friends watching movies on the day in question and I believe the complainants identification must be tested in light of his alibi,” he said.
He defended himself adding that there were no compelling reasons by the investigating officer for him to be denied bail.
“The investigating officer in this case has deposed of an affidavit opposing my bail application. He argued that I was of no fixed abode, was likely to interfere with investigations and that since the stolen firearm has not been recovered, I am likely to regroup with my accomplices who are still at large and commit more robberies if released on bail,” he said.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews