Came face to face with “mashurugwi” whatever their name is. I tell you guys they are like the banyamulengas in the DRC. It happened at 1735hrs today at Rumwe business centre in Kadoma.

They drove four unregistered vehicles including a harrier. They drove them at high speed and started hunting their victims in a military fashion. They held axes machetes and knives. The  group seems to have ethnic variety as evidenced by the plethora of local languages used during that incident.

When these people arrived holding their dreaded weapons all the people panicked. Women vending left their wares and fled. They was pandemonium. They were said to be looking for two guys whom I believe are in the same trade.

One called Devine, a well known mbimbo at Rumwe shopping centre and another one. Devine bolted from Bereguru bottle store and escaped. However Devine ‘s partner was not so lucky. He was bundled into the harrier and the convoy sped off towards town.

Surely this incident ruffled my feathers. The incidents of people being macheted are happening everyday and No-one has been arrested.

Some small scale miners are being robbed of their ore everyday. These mashurugwis would come with lorries and take whatever the small miners would have mined. The mining zone of Kadoma, Chakari, Chegutu and Kwekwe have become a war-zone. Something has to be done immediately to bring sanity in these areas.