A chattered accountant by profession, Mary Bushiri nee Zgambo is married to Shepherd Bushiri, the couple has two daughters.
She married the ECG founder Shepherded Huxley Bushiri in 2011.
Business, Cars & Houses, Planes
The Malawian lady preacher was born on 20 February in 1983 and is nearly 38 years old as of January 2021. Few years ago she was gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz as birthday present by her husband.
The two own businesses and posh houses in Malawi and South Africa.
Mary and her husband own a private jet.
You have to be willing to be mocked and insulted whilst you are building the ark with no rain.
You have to be willing to be underestimated whilst you are fighting a giant with just a sling and a stone.
Faith does not make sense , faith simply makes miracles.
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Bushiri cars and houses


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary