Good morning all, If you care to read my message, please do so knowing that this is not a pity party, I want people around the world to know my current predicament.

It is bad enough to be accused of a crime you didn’t even know existed until the day it was read to me. You eat and drink with the very same squad that created this grave fabrication, but because they say you’re daft, they laugh at you when they look at you and confirm that very same fact that indeed you’re daft.

I used to be angry at you, but now I just really feel sorry for you. You know in your heart I never did any of the things that you allege, but because you put pen to paper to append your signature to something that you didn’t believe, how can you go back now and tell the world you were made a fool of, pitted against a young one that did the very best to keep you alive, talking to God every step of the way.

You’re not better than me, the power you think you have over everyone puts me and everyone I love in the negative including you, you just don’t know that.

I wish you could wake up and smell the coffee, I wish for you to make right your wrong. My children suffer because of your abuse, blocking them from me and blocking me from them.

When you hate someone you do it with everything in your blood, give me my children and my worth and let’s move on, you are holding on to me with my worth that you’re holding.

They were done with you a long time ago, you only exist in the visible, they say “the lights are on, but there is no one at home”.

My innocence is buried deep in your heart, if you search it, you will find it. I thank you the “Friends of Marry and family”, around the world, your prayers and those that care for the truth has kept us going.

Who knew that one day you would steal money from an account you claimed not to know 2years ago, an account you also had me arrested for because of your fake claims, now you are taking money from it.

Maybe there is something that I am missing, they don’t even give me the amount that they gave you at the bank US$20k.

I even struggle to pay my medical bills and yet they give you that much, CBZ has a case to answer, every fool will have their day in court…you have the comfort of going to China for your condition and you block my every effort to get money from the bank to get treatment locally, give me my children, my worth and my freedom, when you look beside you, I won’t be there to help build the future that we were going to have because you convinced yourself that you made it there alone and not together, uuummm you are that special haa!!! No spousal benefits, no assistance from… Marry@40.