I gave birth to someone else’s baby while Thomas was in South Africa

A MARRIED woman’s marriage has collapsed after she gave birth to her lover’s baby.

Enety Suluvhayo’s marriage to Thomas Suluvhayo has irretrievably broken down and their divorce case is pending at the High Court.

The separation was necessitated by the birth of the baby, she confirmed was her 20-year-old lover’s child.

The lover is only identified as Patrick.

Enety confirmed her illicit affair, arguing that she wanted to quench her sexual appetite as Thomas spent too much time in South Africa.

“My life is in danger since I gave birth to someone else’s baby while Thomas was in South Africa,” said Enety.

“He went there leaving me to fend for our two kids alone. 

“I could not continue being faithful and that is why I ended up looking for someone to quench my appetite.

“Sezvinei ndakabva ndabata pamuviri ndikasununguka mwana. 

“Thomas has been baying for my blood and that of my lover. Ndakatombotiza kunogara kuDande nekutya.

“We have since met and agreed to end our marriage. 

“My worry is that Thomas will take our residential stand we got through my brother’s facilitation,” said Enety.

Thomas told H-Metro that friends and relatives helped him to accept the reality otherwise he could have been behind bars.

“I do not want to say much since my friends and relatives rescued me from committing crime over this matter. 

“My wife had been squandering money I was sending with this Patrick.

“Ndaitumira mari imwe ndichiti ipihwe amai vangu asi Enety aidya yose ovapa US$10 chete. 

“Patrick must face me or else I will never rest until I find him,” said Thomas.