Fungayi Moyana

A 35 year old man from Chiredzi could not control his lust as he did the unspeakable recently by ripping off the pants of an innocent 16 year old girl and forcing himself on her inside a toilet.

Jimmy Wisani of Tshovani high density suburb is alleged to have followed the girl at night when she was on her way to the toilet.

The accused then forced the door open and closed it ripped the girl’s clothes off and raped her once whilst closing her mouth tightly with his right hand.

Upon realizing that the girl was not back from the toilet for a long time the mother of the complainant followed her to the toilet.

She was taken aback and got the shock of her life to find her daughter crying and hiding behind the toilet door looking terrified ,her underpants on the floor and Wisani standing on her side trying to sweet talk her.

She rushed back to call the father who came to the scene and rushed straight to the police and Wisani was arrested.

The juvenile also confessed that the accused had raped her before when her mother left her in his care hence this was the second time.

Appearing before Chiredzi Magistrate Judith Zulu the accused was sentenced to sixteen years in prison having 2 years removed to fourteen years in prison.