Tinashe Zisengwe

It is fast becoming a normal incident for women to fight over men in Gweru. Perhaps there is a scarcity of men in this town.

In what can only be described as a battle of shame, Gweru residents in the city centre were treated to a free drama yesterday at around 5pm after two women clutched each other’s necks over Steven Jaya who operates an Ecocash Agent near Choppies Shopping Mall.

A witness to the event recognized the other woman as Mai Tadiwa, Jaya’s ex-wife.

The jilted ex-wife got fired up after seeing her former lover shopping with an unidentified woman in a local shop in town and felt jealousy.

She then started grabbing the new lovebirds and insulting her ex-husband in public.

The infuriated girlfriend felt challenged and slapped Mai Tadiwa on her on the side cheek leading to the spark of a four minutes action packed movie like scene.

Meanwhile, as usual vendors and passersbys didn’t even bother to intervene as they turned a blind eye.

An impeccable source who happens to know the couple said they divorced five months back over many undisclosed personal issues.

She also reported that this is not the first time the ex-wife has been engaged in a brawl with the husband’s suspected girlfriends.

“Recently she was also involved in a fist fight with a lady who sells at a local flea market whom she suspected to be dating her husband,” she said pleading for anonymity.