A daring Casanova  who has been having secret liaisons with a South African based man’s wife after the latter crossed the Limpopo to look for a job has since formalised the relationship by paying the bridal price to the in-laws.
Nhamo Chikava of Banga Village under Chief Shindi agreed to pay four beasts to Trycos Moyo for taking over his wife while he was in South Africa.
After paying the damages ordered by Chief Shindi and settling the matter with the neighbour, Chikava went on to marry Fatina Shumba and he paid the bridal price.
Chief Shindi confirmed the case and said it was before his traditional court  two weeks ago.
Moyo went to South Africa to look for a job some years ago and he came back in December 2017 only to find out that his wife was no longer staying at his home. The wife had moved in with Chikava, a neighbour. Moyo and Shumba had three kids together and Shumba left them with their  grandmother.
When Shumba was asked why she remarried, she said she had divorced with Moyo. Chikava agreed to pay four beasts for damages to Moyo and he also pay bride price for Shumba. Chief Shindi said the husband had demanded seven beasts but they talked to him so that he can reduce to four. ” Moyo had demanded a lot of beasts and convinced him that he should take four beasts”, he said.