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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Guruve say they are investigating a case of suspected murder where a male adult (34) was found dead along a footpath in Chimanga village under Chief Bepura.

According to the police the body had a rope tied around the neck and appears to have been dragged from a bedroom hut, 120 metres away.

Injuries were also noted on the body were deep cuts on the forehead and nose, with bruises on both hands.

Blood stains were discovered in the hut.

Meanwhile, the police said the body has been conveyed to hospital for post-mortem.

Meanwhile, in a related incident ZRP said the body of a 64 year old man was discovered on 10/12/20 along Avilla – Chisero Road, Nyanga, with multiple stab wounds on the face, right leg and back of the head.

According to the police, the victim was last seen drinking beer at around 0300 hours with a 22 year old man who has since been picked up for questioning, adding that investigations into the case are on-going.