A 50-year-old man was on Saturday bashed by Glen Norah residents, leading him to fake his death, after he was caught raping a Grade 6 kid in her mother’s bedroom.

Peter Sithole, who is known in the neighbourhood for selling rat poison, opened the gate, entered the house and dragged the child into her mother’s bedroom where he raped her.

Peter was caught in the act by the maid.

“I left the child in the dining room and how he lured her into the bedroom remains a mystery to me,” said the maid.

“I was washing clothes outside and, upon returning to collect some pegs, I caught him in the act.

“In fear, I rushed to call other people and he apologised as he dressed up.”

Residents were quick to group and bashed Peter while others rushed with the child to Glen Norah Police Station.

The angry mob tied Peter’s hands and legs with electric cables.

He faked death to save himself from further beating.

She was quickly taken to a hospital for medical examinations and Peter was handed over to police and detained.

The residents expressed shock.

“We are now living in fear if we now have men who have such spirits of ruining our childrens’ lives during day light.

“Mishonga here, mweyai wapinda vanhurume, tavekutya chokwadi zvakutyisa izvi,” said one of the residents.