Tinashe Zisengwe

A stock theft suspect recently stunned Kwekwe residents after biting two cops who were sent to arrest him.

It is alleged that on January 30 this year around 1000hrs three police officers moved in at Kwekwe Civil Court to arrest Patrick Chinyere (55), suspected to be a stock thief.

When the police officers arrived where he was, Chinyere started insulting them saying that they were useless for they struggled to arrest him.

Trying to put on cuffs on Patrick, he acted violently therefore biting them on their thumbs.

In defense he said, “I was trying to protect myself since l did not know why they wanted to arrest me.”

He also went on to say the officers acted violently towards him through assault that is why he also acted in that manner.

“Your worship I am telling the truth if they did not act violently it wouldn’t be possible for their hands to reach my mouth,” he said.

Kwekwe Magistrate Philemon Lavaroe slapped Patrick to 30 months imprisonment considering that he is a serial offender.