Blessings Chidakwa

A Lower Gweru man from Lugwalo Village under Chief Bunina rued the day he struck his neighbor with an axe in a dispute over a vegetables garden gate when he was jailed to an effective four years for the offence.

Tshuma Maikos struck Solomon Mgutshini (69) with an axe on the ribs and finger.  

It is reported that on January 26 this year at around 10 am the Solomon was coming from his garden when he met Tshuma who asked him why he had removed the gate to his garden to which the latter responded that it was blocking the path used to the gardens.

This did not go down well with Tshuma who grabbed Solomon by the neck before clapping him several times on the face.

The court further heard that when Solomon fell on the ground Tshuma picked his (complainant) axe which he used to struck the latter once on the left rib and left finger.

Solomon sustained a deep cut on the left rib and had to be admitted for three weeks at Gweru General Hospital before being discharged.

Tshuma was convicted after he appeared before Gweru Magistrate, Shotgame Musaiona facing attempted murder charges.

Musaiona sentenced Tshuma to five years in prison but suspended one year on condition of good behavior.